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Construction will always be known as a high-risk industry with the amount of change that occurs on a construction site each day. The importance of consistent safety audits can provide organizations with valuable insights to the unknown risks and exposures on each jobsite. 

These can help avoid major injuries as well as costly citations that could arise from an inspection or an injury. Most construction sites also require the presence of safety expert, and we can provide this at much more affordable cost than hiring a full-time safety manager. 

Three Sixty Safety can assist your organization with safety walkthroughs on a schedule that works for you. Whether is it daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we are here to help. 




Arrive onsite and meet with your site superintendent.



Inspect your site from top to bottom with your superintendent and provide guidance on items to be mitigated.



Three Sixty Safety will deliver an inspection report that will include a picture of the issue, a reference to the OSHA standard so you understand why it’s a violation and a recommendation on how to fix.



Rinse and repeat.  Complacency on a construction site can set in quickly. Three Sixty Safety will plan a consistent timeline for inspections that works in your schedule for as long as required for the project. 

A full-service safety organization prepared to arm your team with the knowledge, know-how, and tools to do their job safely!



Every client we work with has different needs, but to be successful we all know it is essential for you to establish strong safety policies for your business to meet compliance guidelines and regulations. Strong safety policies provide a base structure/platform and make it easier to implement and manage your safety program.


With qualified field trainers, Three Sixty Safety can schedule and conduct training for various courses on-site so the slow down doesn’t impact operations. Whether that’s fall arrest or gas detection, we have got your training needs covered.


With insider knowledge and a keen eye our team can help you be prepared for any situation. With a Mock OSHA Audit you can rest asure your facility will have a path to compliance.


Yes, we will be looking at those wearing PPE and will notify your audit participant of someone not wearing PPE. Usually they are then reminded right away to put their PPE on.

Site inspections vary based on the current progress of the project. We can be onsite weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the clients need.

A site inspection starts by coordinating a time for the visit with you site contact. From there it includes an entire walk of your construction site and followed up with a report.

No they do not. All inspections are kept confidential and allow the organizations to make their own decisions on what they would like to address with their safety program.

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Being prepared is the ultimate defense against injuries, fines, and citations. Let the team at Three Sixty Safety put your mind at ease with a comprehensive mock OSHA audit. Our team will review all documentation and logs, while conducting interviews and a thorough walkthrough of your facility from an auditors perspective, giving you valuable insight on compliance, practice and procedure.

Three Sixty Safety’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System implements all the necessary components of a successful and OSHA compliant safety program. We will develop customized written policies, safety procedures, and training programs to ensure safety is always on display with your organization.

Our survey was created to benchmark and measure the improvement in the level of employee safety behaviors by establishing predictive correlations between key performance indicators and balanced scorecard safety metrics in an organization.

Being prepared with environmental safety practices, policies, and procedures that ensure the safety and well-being of anyone in the immediate area is critical to your business. This can include safety in terms of proper waste disposal, containment and storage of potentially toxic chemicals and much more. Our team will evaluate and help you to identify the level of environmental compliance and management system implementation gaps, along with corrective actions.

From online to on-site training available in all industries. From OSHA certifications to fall arrest courses, reach out to find out how we can help.

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