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You Have Been Cited for an Audit

OSHA citations and inspections are inevitable at some point for all companies.  These can be a result of a workplace fatality, workplace injury or employee complaint.  Understanding the next steps after this occurs and putting a gameplan into place is extremely important to remediating your citation and preventing it from occurring again.


Call for Help

Three Sixty Safety has the experience and resources you need to handle this in the best manner possible.  Prior to receiving your actual citation, Three Sixty Safety can assist your organization right away for the items you will/may be cited for.  Getting all of your potential issues remediated in a timely fashion is the best method possible when dealing with OSHA.  Once you received your citation, Three Sixty Safety will work with your organization every step through responding to OSHA.

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Your Plan is in Place

You’ve responded to OSHA and you have fixed all the issues they found in your citation.  Now what?  It is extremely important to continue your safety efforts to avoid additional citations down the road.  Unfortunately, you are now on OSHA’s radar and if they cite you for the same citation that they did previously, you may be facing increased citation fees.  Three Sixty Safety can work with your organization to keep your safety program on track and provide all the necessary components OSHA wants to see in your safety program.

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Call us! OSHA citations typically require a response within a certain time period and Three Sixty Safety can aid in your discussions with OSHA. We will start by assessing your citations and determine what items need to be implemented to remediate the issues.

Three Sixty Safety can assist with your citation right away. Depending on the number of citations and what steps are required for each, we can work with you organization to put a plan into place and help fix the citations.

Typically OSHA wants to see that you have fixed the matter at hand with supporting evidence. This can include training records, photos of fixed issues, proof of progress made on items, etc.

Once you have closed out the citations, you unfortunately are now on OSHA’s radar and they will likely be back to confirm you are still addressing these items. It is extremely important to not have repeat violations which incur a higher fine.

Citation Assistance


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