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About Us

Building winning safety cultures that stand the test of time.

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At Three Sixty Safety we believe a company’s key to success is in its heart and soul. That the fundamental glue that holds a company together lies with its culture. We inspire loyalty in our employees and build a winning culture within our own ranks by doing just that—building safety cultures for others that stand the test of time. Join us on the road to developing one of your company’s greatest distinguishing qualities—your safety culture.



Our mission is to create safe and sustainable work environments built upon employee interaction and engagement. By sharing the information and resources people need to make informed decisions on safety, we hope to empower them to make a difference in their own spheres of influence. We aim to bring our passion for safety, sustainability and community into all of our projects, and in doing so promote these ideals as cornerstones for best practices across industries.

• Safety: Keeping you and your employees safe, all the time

• Sustainability: Forging a future for those who come next

• Community: A Three Sixty approach that is all encompassing, going far beyond the workplace


Over 100+ years of experience providing safety compliance services


Building effective working relationships that produce results.


Customizing our approach to align with your company’s needs.


Online offerings and a competent team allow us to streamline the process.



At Three Sixty Safety, we know that our work has far-reaching implications on our community and the greater environment that we inhabit. By bringing green practices and a conscientious approach to our safety improvement process, we hope to affect positive change in the areas we serve. But we can go further. To that end, we are proud to announce our partnership with the Bluewater Safe Horizons Project—a shelter for victims of sexual assault. Because we believe in safety, in all senses of the word.

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