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Safety Inspection

We're your ultimate defense against fines and citations.

Transforming your safety compliance landscape, Three Sixty Safety’s Safety Inspection is a premium service designed to shield your business from costly fines and citations. We embark on a meticulous journey through your operations, from opening to closing meetings, scrutinizing every aspect of your safety manual, OSHA logs, and compliance practices. Our comprehensive audit includes site walks focused on identifying safety, compliance, and insurance discrepancies, alongside in-depth employee interviews and training documentation reviews. With years of experience and tailored solutions, we’re dedicated to ensuring everyone goes home safe every day. Discover more about our transformative approach and how we can fortify your safety protocols with a Safety Inspection​​.

How it works

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The Call for Help

Each business is unique but the situation is universal. Call, email, or fill out the form below and a team member will be in touch to discuss your needs.

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Meet and Greet

Upon arrival at your facility, we immediately make sure to engage with management on-site and ensure they know we are there to help.

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Audit Time

We conduct a full comprehensive audit top to bottom of your facility, documenting any violations along the way.

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Digest and Review

Afterwards, we gather your team together to review immediate findings. 1-2 weeks later a full review of your audit will be conducted with your leadership team.

Our Audit Process

Opening Conference

Discussion on OSHA standards compliance, safety program review, and audit objectives.

What kind of documentation is reviewed in the Opening Conference?

  • During the Safety Inspection, safety documents such as health and safety policies, OSHA logs, training records and safety manuals.  Will also be looking at OSHA required written programs for aerial lifts, bloodborne pathogens, combustible dust, compressed gases, , cranes and hoists, electrical work, emergency action plans, fall protection plan, fire prevention plans, first aid procedures, flammable and combustible liquids, hand and portable power tools, hazard communication, hearing conservation, hexavalent chromium, hot work permits, ladder safety protocols, lockout tagout procedures, machine guarding practices, permit required confined space entries, personal protective equipment, portable fire extinguisher guidelines, powered industrial trucks, respiratory protection, slings and lifting devices, walking working surfaces, welding cutting and brazing, work platforms/aerial lift safety, and workplace violence prevention. This comprehensive approach ensures all specific components that apply to your organizations workplace safety are addressed.

Facility Inspection

Detailed wall-to-wall safety inspection, including machine guarding, chemical labeling, and PPE compliance.

What do you inspect in the Facility Inspection?

  • During the facility inspection under this service, the inspection covers various safety aspects including machine guarding, electrical safety, chemical handling and labeling, personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance, exit routes and accessibility, storage and organization of materials, forklift and crane operation, fire safety measures, and general workplace cleanliness and orderliness. This comprehensive review aims to identify potential hazards, compliance issues with OSHA standards, and areas for safety improvement.
  • All items addressed in our report will have a picture of the issue identified with a reference to the OSHA standard and a recommendation on how to mitigate the exposure.

Employee Interviews

Evaluate management involvement, training levels, and employee safety engagement.

What does Employee Interviews do for us?

  • Employee interviews during a Safety Inspection aim to assess the safety culture from the employees’ perspective. Interviewers ask about the employees’ understanding of safety policies, their involvement in safety processes, management’s responsiveness to safety concerns, and training adequacy. This feedback is crucial for identifying areas where safety communication and practices can be improved. The process ensures confidentiality and encourages open, honest feedback to accurately gauge the effectiveness of the current safety program.

Closing Conference

Summarize findings, highlighting areas for improvement.

What can we learn from the closing conference?

  • In the closing conference of the Safety Inspection, you can expect a summary of the audit’s findings, including identified hazards, compliance issues, and areas for safety improvement. The discussion will focus on actionable recommendations for addressing these findings. You’ll learn about the overall safety performance of your facility, employee feedback highlights, and next steps to enhance safety protocols and compliance with OSHA standards. This session provides an opportunity for clarification and to ask questions about the audit outcomes and recommendations.

Comprehensive Report

Provide a detailed report with analysis, findings, and suggestions for safety enhancements.

What can I expect to see in the Comprehensive Report?

The post-audit report provides a detailed analysis of the audit findings, highlighting key areas for improvement. It includes:

  • Documentation Review: Evaluates compliance of safety manuals, OSHA logs, and training records.
  • Safety Inspection Findings: Identifies hazards, machine guarding issues, and PPE compliance.
  • Employee Interview Insights: Summarizes feedback on safety training, management’s response to safety concerns, and employee involvement.
  • Recommendations: Offers tailored advice for addressing identified issues, enhancing safety protocols, and ensuring compliance with OSHA standards. This report serves as a roadmap for implementing effective safety improvements.

What's Included

Why Choose Us?

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A solid foundation allows us to keep our footing and build your company’s safety from a place of stability, strength, and integrity.

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We don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach to safety compliance—our solutions are thoughtfully customized to each one of our clients.

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Frequently asked questions

What does the Safety Inspection entail?

The Safety Inspection assesses your facility’s compliance with safety standards to prevent fines and enhance workplace safety. As a customer, Safety Inspection includes a comprehensive evaluation of your workplace’s compliance with OSHA standards. This service features an opening conference, detailed facility inspection, employee interviews, and a closing conference. You’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing findings, workplace hazards, standards violations, training effectiveness, and management safety improvement suggestions, all aimed at enhancing workplace safety and compliance.

The duration varies depending on facility size and the number of findings, but it typically takes 1 full day.

The audit will not disrupt any operations. Our only request is to have a company representative walk with us during the inspection.

Employees have the choice to conduct the interview in private or not, but all final will results will be kept anonymous.

The audit is a wall to wall inspection and we will look at all aspects of the organizations equipment, operations and processes.

Yes, the audit can be tailored to specific concerns or areas of your operation needing attention but will still follow OSHA guidelines for auditing purposes.
You’ll need to provide access to safety manuals, written programs, OSHA logs, and records of safety training and incidents.
The comprehensive report is typically delivered shortly after the audit’s completion, with a detailed timeline provided upfront.
Post-audit, we offer guidance on addressing findings and support for implementing recommended safety improvements.
Follow-up services, including re-audits, are available to ensure ongoing compliance and safety improvements.
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