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How to ACE an OSHA Audit

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How to be ready EVERY SINGLE DAY for OSHA Compliance

Have you ever wished that OSHA would just go away? The following story actually happened with one of our clients.

“We were on site at a plant conducting safety hazard recognition training when I was called to the lobby. The OSHA inspector was there for an unannounced OSHA Safe Workplace plant inspection. Everyone was panic stricken…except me.

After review of the required OSHA safety requirements, we walked through the plant, with the inspector shooting photos and interviewing workers (as they frequently do). But as the inspection progressed it was obvious to the inspector that we had done our homework.

We showed them our logs and our procedures, allowed them to complete their interviews, and met with the Executive Staff for the wrap up.

At that point we were told that we had significantly exceeded the OSHA standards, and due to our diligence and record keeping we actually qualified to apply for an exemption from further inspections under their voluntary protection program (VPP).”

That client is now exempt from the surprise OSHA inspection. Their Workers Comp rates have dropped precipitously. Their number of lost time events has dropped by 85% and their workers are going home happy and healthy to their families every day.

Please give me a call so we can demonstrate how the Three Sixty Safety proprietary system works. We are available to conduct an onsite mock inspection evaluation at your earliest convenience.



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