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6 Steps to Safety

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6 Steps to Safety

There are 6 steps to effective safety compliance. Would you be surprised to find that most companies address only two of them?

Chances are, if you are charged with handling your company’s safety compliance, you are concerned with two primary issues:

  1. OSHA Compliance
  2. Reducing Recordable Injuries

While those two issues comprise a significant part of the job, they do not establish a standard that will help you pass an OSHA audit.

What if we could help you implement a proprietary system (we have developed) that would stand up to an OSHA audit Every Single Day…and that very system would pay for itself in its first quarter of implementation.

Here are some additional issues that are part of a comprehensive, sustainable step plan to improve safety in the workplace.

  1. Do you have a system in place to categorically demonstrate OSHA compliance and required documentation in the event of an audit?
  2. Do you know how to build a corporate culture of safety, and how to make your employees “Evangelists” for your business model?
  3. Do you have proven, established on-site procedures for immediate medical treatment and evaluation?
  4. Does your agent or Workers Comp insurance company perform monthly on-site visits to evaluate and improve safety at every level?

Insurance companies frequently tell their customers that they will help you reduce the cost of your Workers Comp. That is unlikely. Your agent is paid a commission on the sale. Are they really motivated to bring your Comp cost down and decrease their income every year?



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