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& Auditing

Audits are never fun. But being prepared and knowing you are ready at any time keeps the business running. 

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  • Do you have a documented training program?
  • Hold regular toolbox talks and safety meetings?
  • Do you have an employee health and safety committee?
  • Are all your OSHA logs current?
  • Are your near misses and incidents documented? 

Unsure? Find out through Three Sixty Safety’s Mock OSHA Audit. We will review all aspects of compliance with OSHA standards and provide you with comprehensive findings.



Being prepared is the ultimate defense against fines and citations. Let the team at Three Sixty Safety put your mind at ease with a comprehensive mock OSHA audit. In your report, we will highlight areas of concern, reference the OSHA standard and provide recommendations on how to remediate them.


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The Call for Help

Each business is unique but the situation is universal. Call, email, or fill out the form below and a team member will be in touch to discuss your needs. We will talk through your current safety and compliance concerns and the logistics of an audit.

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Meet and Greet

Upon arrival at your facility, we immediately make sure to engage with management on-site and ensure they know we are there to help. Our team involves your team at every level from entry to the executive in our process through interviews, walkthroughs and observations.

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Audit Time

We conduct a full comprehensive audit top to bottom of your facility, documenting any violations along the way. During our walkthrough we will communicate with staff as well as review all logs and documentation.

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Digest and Review

Afterwards, we gather your team together to review immediate findings. 1-2 weeks later a full review of your audit will be conducted with your leadership team. When finished, you are left with a solid plan for success and the tools you need to protect your staff.



That’s OK, in our audit we pinpoint where that help is truly needed and make a concise action plan. We are not here to criticize but to course correct and spotlight where you are doing well. Navigating day-to-day business alone is tricky enough; why not have a partner invested in your safety?

With all-new COVID guidelines and increased safety measures year over year, documentation isn’t getting any easier. Three Sixty Safety’s action plan will outline a straightforward path to compliance and a safer, happier overall workplace.

In our full diagnostic audit we review:

  • Management, Leadership & Employee Engagement
  • Policies, Procedures & Process
  • Resources, Roles, Responsibility & Accountability
  • Comprehensive Facility or Work Site Hazard Compliance Audit
  • Your Best Defense


We can assist to prepare documents and be on-call for any assistance required, but most times OSHA auditors do not want a third parties involvement without previous engagement.

Auditing internally is the surefire way to find lagging indicators of violations and impending incidents. Audits provide a wide view of your business’s safety profile from an OSHA viewpoint. They help you to be prepared when a formal audit comes.

Typically the onsite portion of the audit can be completed in 1 day. We will need about 2 weeks to put together the comprehensive report.

During our audit, we will take a picture of anything that is considered an OSHA compliance violation. We will include the OSHA standard so you understand why it is a violation and give you a recommendation on how to fix it.

We would like at least one person who has safety responsibility with us while conducting the audit. This will give you insight of some of the findings ahead of time and you can quickly fix some of the easier tasks to fix while waiting on your report.

No steps are required prior to the audit. We like to run the inspection just as if OSHA showed up unannounced to your facility for an inspection.

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