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Working in a New Area

safety signs

A walk throughout other areas of the worksite is a common occurrence, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t stay alert. This is particularly true for employees leaving their old, familiar job and moving into new roles in other work environments. New employees receive instructions regarding training and safety precautions. However, when transitioning […]

A Practical Guide for OSHA Inspections

Message from the President:  If the OSHA inspector shows up tomorrow are you prepared? Most companies are not prepared and if you follow this practical guide your visit should go much smoother:  When the inspector arrives: Alert designated point of contact: (identify key individuals to be on alert – Typically HR Manager has the face-to-face […]

How to ACE an OSHA Audit

worker safety checklist

How to be ready EVERY SINGLE DAY for OSHA Compliance Have you ever wished that OSHA would just go away? The following story actually happened with one of our clients. “We were on site at a plant conducting safety hazard recognition training when I was called to the lobby. The OSHA inspector was there for […]

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