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Machine Emergency Stops E-STOP DEVICES

emergency stop button safety

Machine Emergency Stops E-STOP DEVICES

One of the most important things to do when operating machinery is to ensure you’re able to turn off the machine immediately if need be with the use of E-stop devices. Accidents and serious injuries can occur with the slightest malfunction, and every second counts in keeping the consequences to a minimum. Machines typically have a manually operated emergency stop, or E-stop, device that can force equipment to shut down as quickly as possible. These devices are designed to protect operators, other employees, and the machinery itself by causing a forced shutdown via a single motion should a situation or emergency arise in which the regular method of powering down is not adequate.

E-stop Buttons

E-stop buttons are the most common type of e-stop device and are simply operated by being pushed. They are red in color and, if there is a background, it will be yellow. The buttons are either mushroom or cone-shaped.

E-stop buttons are designed to latch when pressed in and remain in their depressed position. The devices will not return to a risen position until manually reset, usually either by being twisted or pulled. E-stop buttons may also require a key in order to be reset. Resetting an E-stop button will not automatically restart the machine.

Know Your E-stops

In the manufacturing industry, there are workplace hazards and risks that can lead to accidents, serious injuries, and even fatalities. It is of the utmost importance that, whenever you are working on a machine, you know how to shut it down as quickly as possible. In the event of an emergency, you do not want to have to be searching for the E-stop device.

While E-stop devices are important for ensuring workplace safety, they are meant as a last resort. When using a machine, be sure that it is properly guarded and has adequate safety devices. Do not think that a defective guard or safety device can be overlooked just because the machine has an E-stop device. If you ever notice that an E-stop is not working properly, or have any questions or concerns about E-stop devices, speak with your supervisor.



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