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Legal, VC, and Private Equity Support

Legal, VC, and Private Equity Support

Law Firm and Legal Team Support

Three Sixty Safety has experience working with law firms who are concerned about their clients OSHA compliance risk, rising incident rates and increasing costs. We know how to implement occupational health and safety management systems that create a defensible safety program from a legal perspective.

Our measurable systems processes are designed to engage the workforce to ensure continuous safety improvement and that all team members go home safe each and every day.

We will prove our value as a partner with your Legal Team!

Using a safety systems approach we design a program that allows your clients to quickly implement the tools to:

  1. Track and document the safety and health training in your workplace (that will hold up to an OSHA inspection).
  2. Provide onsite procedures and documentation for managing hazard risk, injuries, treatment, reporting and remediation.
  3. Create two-way communication feedback loops by building a team approach to training and hazard identification which help eliminating potential injuries before they occur.
  4. Ensure your customers are prepared for an OSHA Audit with a documented paper trail each and every day, which includes coaching to properly receive and guide OSHA inspectors through their facility.

The Three Sixty Safety system provides the resource you have been looking for. Your legal team will feel confident your clients are prepared for defending OSHA compliance citations and lawsuits that may arise from workplace injuries while at the same time improving their safety culture and overall productivity.

Testifying in Court

In many cases Three Sixty Safety is brought in to review an incident and then provide “Expert Testimony” in court. Our extensive background and depth of experience qualify us as a Safety Industry Expert.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Support

Whether you are buying, selling or growing your portfolio companies, we can assess subject companies from the ground-up using a measurable systems model and provided the roadmap you need to successfully capitalize on your investment opportunity.

The Three Sixty Safety proprietary deliverables including:

  1. The Three Sixty Safety Safety Perception Survey which allows you to specifically identify cultural barriers to the acquisition
  2. The Three Sixty Safety Occupational Health and Safety Management System Organizational Audit which allows you to identify operational road blocks to continuous improvement and your growth strategy
  3. Implementation of the Three Sixty Safety Occupational Health and Safety Management System which will allow you to reduce OSHA compliance risk and injury rates while improving productivity and profitability

We have experience working as a partner with Venture Capital firms!

The financial impact of building a “Culture of Safety” will contribute meaningfully to your firm’s return on equity with its portfolio company investments.



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