According to the National Association of Manufacturers, about a third of all manufacturing workers today are women.

Manufacturing is rapidly being transformed from a labor-intensive field to a high-tech one. The change, and a promising pick up in domestic manufacturing, has created thousands of factory jobs nationwide that, experts say, more women are starting to seek out.

The stereotype is that factory jobs require a lot of heavy lifting. It’s the complete opposite. So much of manufacturing today is high-tech and computerized. Women can do these jobs and be very successful.

So what’s the biggest obstacle to getting more women in these hands-on industries? It’s all about perception. Allison Grealis, director of Women in Manufacturing said in the Daily Worth article that “today’s manufacturing isn’t dark, dirty or dangerous,” but is “much more about brains than brawn.” But for some reason, this new truth isn’t getting out there. In fact, 80 percent of women in manufacturing believe the industry doesn’t do a good job of promoting itself to potential female employees.

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