U.S. Department of Labor Cites Georgia Manufacturer for 36 Safety and Health Violations


“As we continually demonstrate the importance of safety, Three Sixty Safety wants to remind employers how important training and continual training are for workplace safety.”

What was the cause of these fines?

-Unfortunately for this organization, they were many different areas where they failed to protect their employees from serious injury.  Upon completion of their inspection, there was a total of 36 violations that were assessed. 

How could we have avoided a fine like this?

-When you see a scenario where multiple violations are assessed it is tough to pinpoint one solution.  The most logical explanation to avoid this would be the implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.  This systematic approach takes a look at your entire process top and bottom and confirms your policies and procedures are current with today’s standards.  The continual and proactive approach helps to instill a safety culture in your organization and implement the correct safety measures to protect your employees. 

How large of a fine is this organization facing.

-Due to the number of violations being 36, this organization is facing a potential penalty of $251,108. 

How can Three Sixty Safety help?

-Three Sixty Safety offers a complete Occupational Health and Safety Management System that has proven results to reduce injuries in your facility.  We will start by addressing your Standard Operation Procedures and determine if there needs to be an adjustment to protect the employees.  We will also provide the necessary training for employees and provide the right process for on-boarding new ones. 

If you want more details about Three Sixty Safety’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System, please contact 586-778-9900 or jdmattes@threesixtysafety.com