Workers exposed to hazardous chemicals at St. Francis barrel plant didn’t get proper training

“As we continually demonstrate the importance of safety, Three Sixty Safety wants to remind everyone how important training and continual training are for workplace safety.”

Do you know what chemicals are in your facility?

Do you have a Hazard Communication program?

Do you have training set up for new hires?

How are you handling Spill Containment?

Have you ever had a MOCK OSHA AUDIT?

In many cases, there is a high volume of toxic or flammable chemicals in manufacturing facilities.  If those chemicals are not properly labeled, employees have no idea what they actually are.  If they mistake a specific type of chemical for another, it could cause a major issue in the facility.  The variety of chemicals in facilities may look exactly like one another and if they are not properly labeled, you hazard communication program is not in compliance.  In this example, the facility also had Spanish speaking employees who had no idea of which chemicals they were using because of the language barrier.

If your working conditions are not deemed satisfactory by your employees, they may make a complaint to OSHA about unsafe working conditions.  The result is an unexpected visit from OSHA to inspect the facility.  This example shows there was no actual injury or fatality that occurred and OSHA still came.

When you think about your facility, are there areas where you can improve safety?  If OSHA were to walk in today, do you think you would receive any fines?  Three Sixty Safety offers a Mock OSHA Audit to help give you an understanding of where you stand with OSHA compliance.

Please contact 586-778-9900 or if you need assistance addressing your Hazard Communication program or are interested in a Mock OSHA Audit.