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U.S. Department of Labor Finds Ohio Contractor Continues To Expose Roofers to Falls and Other Safety Hazards

“As we continually demonstrate the importance of safety, Three Sixty Safety wants to remind your company how important training and continual training are for workplace safety.”

What was the cause of these fines?

-This organization is facing 6 figure fines for not using proper fall protection at heights greater than 13 feet.  It is the duty of the employer to implement the proper policies and procedures for fall protection when employees are working at a height greater than 4 feet.

How could we have avoided a fine like this?

-For roofers who generally work 4 feet off the ground, fall protection is a must.  Every organization owes it to their employees to properly train them to understand the risks they face working high off the ground.  Proper fall protection training will also make them aware of certain conditions they could create more hazards.  They will also be able to properly learn what to use and what not to use for fall protection equipment. 

How large of a fine is this organization facing.

-In this scenario, the organization is facing a potential penalty of $138,394.  They have 15 business days to dispute this fine.

How can Three Sixty Safety help?

-Three Sixty Safety offers OSHA certified Fall Protection training.  If you do not have any policies or procedures in place for your Fall Protection program, we can help with that as well.  Every organization should take a look at all their policies and procedure annually to confirm they are up to date with current compliance standards.

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