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U.S. Department of Labor Cites Kraft Heinz Food After Employee Injured by Machine, Proposes Penalties

“As we continually display the importance of safety, Three Sixty Safety wants to remind those how important training and continual training are for workplace safety.”

What was the cause of these fines?

-A partial finger amputation, while an employing was clearing a machine jam, was the cause of the initial inspection.  Upon completion of the inspection, OSHA determined the organization “failed to: implement energy control procedures to prevent equipment from unintentionally starting; install adequate machine guards and energy isolation devices; and train employees on the use of energy control procedures.”

How could we have avoided a fine like this?

-In this instance, the employee likely didn’t lockout the machine before putting their hand in it to clear the jam.  The employee may have been initially trained for Lockout/Tagout, but a continual training course could have reminded him the importance of locking out a live machine before putting your hand into it.

How large of a fine is this organization facing.

-In this scenario, the organization is facing a potential penalty of $109,939.  This doesn’t include the additional costs to add machine guards and train their employees after the fine was cited.

How can Three Sixty Safety help?

-Three Sixty Safety offers OSHA certified Lockout/Tagout training.  If you do not have any policies or procedures in place for your Lockout/Tagout program, we can help with that as well.  Every organization should take a look at all their policies and procedure annually to confirm they are up to date with current compliance standards.

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