“As we continually highlight the importance of safety, Three Sixty Safety wants to remind manufacturers that continual training is critical to ensure workplace safety.”

Are you tracking your work-related injuries and illnesses?

How are you working to mitigate those injuries or illnesses?

Do you perform Job Safety Analysis?

How are you letting your employees know of injuries in the workplace?

Do you perform initial and refresher safety trainings?

Do you have an Occupational Health and Safety Management System?

Injuries in the workplace are a very sensitive subject to many organizations.  Not only does it impact the injured person, but it impacts the entire facility.  Taking the time to understand the root cause of the incident is imperative to mitigating that risk.

By tracking and posting injuries that happen in your facility, you can look for trends to see if there are ways to better protect your employees.  If a large number of people are cutting their hands, adding protective gloves for PPE could reduce injuries.  If numerous people are getting lesions on their forearms, adding protective sleeves might reduce those injuries.

Employees want to know that management cares about their well-being, not just production statistics.  While production is still a critical factor to the manufacturing industry, the injury of a skilled worker could delay any project, not to mention the impact it may have on the morale of your workforce.

Time after time, employees refuse to bring safety concerns to management because they don’t believe any change will arise from it.  If you can focus on taking worker input into account and demonstrating  your effort to improve their well-being, employees are more likely to voice their concerns.  Workers perform their jobs everyday and intimately understand the risks they face.  By implementing a “Safety Culture”, you will notice improved morale in the workplace, fewer injuries, and improved productivity.

Three Sixty Safety offers a full Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) with proven results to reduce the injuries to your high-risk employees.  Our system helps provide the proper documentation you may need in the event OSHA visits your facility.

Please contact 586-778-9900 or jdmattes@threesixtysafety.com for more info on our health and safety management system.