“As we continually demonstrate the importance of safety, Three Sixty Safety wants to remind your company how important training and continual training are for workplace safety.”

What was the cause of this accident?

-An equipment malfunction caused a beam to drop 10 feet and hit a construction worker in the head.  The individual was then pinned under the beam and suffered head and back injuries

How could my organization have avoided an injury like this?

-When any construction job starts, there are usually many different contract workers on the job site and the safety hazards can change daily.  Having a designated onsite safety advisor whose main purpose is to audit the facility can help to avoid these types of injuries. The safety advisor may have performed a Job Safety Analysis and identified that this beam used “to move equipment around” was not compliant with current OSHA standards.  The value of having a 3rd party audit the facility is their unbiased opinion and familiarity with hazards they see on many different sites.

How Three Sixty Safety can help?

-Three Sixty Safety works with many construction organizations as a 3rd party for safety services.  During our visitations to the work site, a dedicated safety advisor will audit the facility and identify any areas they do not believe are in compliance.  Following the audit, the organization will receive a report with photos of all the potential hazards that Three Sixty Safety have identified.  We will also give our recommendations on how to mediate these issues.

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