Training Thursday:

Are American Workers in Danger? OSHA Reports Dramatic Increase in Fatal Occupational Injuries.

“As we continually are reminded about the importance of safety, Three Sixty Safety wants to remind everyone how important consistent focused training is for your workplace safety.”

Are you willing to carry the burden of a workplace fatality?

Have your employees ever had safety training relevant to their job?

Do you provide new hire safety training or are you sending workers to the floor without any training?

Do you have the policies and procedures in place required for OSHA compliance?

The impact of a death in the workplace goes way beyond that one person.  The result of a fatality impacts the family and friends of the victim, production in the workplace, morale of the employees and there is no doubt it will prompt an OSHA visit to your facility.  While many organizations in the manufacturing industry do not budget for safety, the cost of a serious injury or fatality could be 10x the cost and in a split second push your businesses into an unprofitable position.

When it comes to Safety, it is extremely important to give all your employees (new and existing) the proper training on a consistent basis in order for them to do their job safely and efficiently.

Do you need assistance creating compliant policies and procedures?

Do you have untrained new hires or current employees that have not received the required OSHA annual training? If the answer is NO, let’s talk about how Three Sixty Safety can help bring your organization into compliance.

Please contact 586-778-9900 or for more specifics on our safety training courses/solutions and our OSHA compliance resources.