Why Your Current Safety Program Is Not Working

Why Your Current Safety Program Is Not WorkingEvery company has some kind of safety program. But whether it is training, reporting or monitoring safety concerns in the plant, your program needs to have buy-in at all levels to be effective.

  1. When you start with an existing system, you are hamstrung by any problems that have previously developed under that system.
  2. Frequently, safety systems are “Top-Down” programs designed to dictate policy throughout the plant. By the time they reach the floor, do your workers have the same enthusiasm for the program that management does?
  3. Lost time injuries can take the wind out of your sails. Just when you have some momentum going in the program, an injury occurs. A single incident can demoralize your hourly staff.
  4. How you handle an incident can have a major effect on the staff. Is the system you have in place to treat the person affected and mitigate the problem that caused the injury perceived by your staff as optimal and highly effective?