Safety Teams: Tactics and Management

Safety Teams: Tactics and ManagementCreating a Culture of Safety

Everyone Goes Home Safe… Every Day!

Your best safety supervisor isn’t who you think!

Plant safety doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is a team effort. And unless you engage the people on the front lines in your safety training, your chance of creating a change in your safety culture is unlikely to succeed.

Setting up a functional system of workplace safety to engage everyone in your plant is a big job. But we have created a systematized approach that will not only get people involved, but keep them engaged in your safety system.

I want to show you the data. We have taken manufacturing plants whose hourly workers were uninspired and turned that very same group into evangelists for the company.

You see, when you let people know just how seriously you take their workplace safety, they not only appreciate it, they embrace it.

“We thought we had a pretty good and safe work environment before. We care about the people who work here and always wanted to keep them safe. But it wasn’t until we empowered them to help direct and manage our safety program that we saw a significant shift in the way they took ownership and pride in becoming part of the solution. They go home safe every night. That means the world to them…and to us!”

See it. Document it. Close it. Report it to team.

Please give me a call so we can demonstrate how the Three Sixty Safety proprietary system works. We are available to conduct an onsite evaluation at your earliest convenience.