Mitigating Risk

Mitigating Risk

Risk Mitigation Value Proposition: Many companies are deeply concerned with rising injury rates and dramatically higher workers comp premiums.

This problem can be solved. The most effective solution  requires procedures be enacted at every level, from C-Suite management to the hourly workers on the floor to proactively control costs.

The TSS system mandates and enacts the required solutions reducing injury rates, reserves and loss adjustment expenses.

Risk Mitigation – Reducing injury rates, reserves and loss adjustment expenses:

  • Providing what employees need to allow them to be free of fear and be able to put their energies into performance.
    • Immediate Injury Notification to RN for Triage and Medical Care Direction
    • Medical Facility Coordination (Treatment, Drug Screen & Post Visit Care)
    • Mandated Accident Investigation Protocols / Eliminates Post Term Claims
    • Mandated Witness Statements / Root Cause Analysis / Corrective Action

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