Safety Perception Survey

The Three Sixty Safety Survey was created to benchmark and measure the improvement in the level of employee safety behaviors by establishing predictive correlations between key performance indicators and balanced scorecard safety metrics in an organization. In order for this to be a reliable diagnostic tool it must measure directly observable behaviors and correlate them to defined safety metrics which validate the efficacy of your safety program and/or the Three Sixty Safety Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This data provides a road map for organizations to measure improvement in risk mitigation strategies, OSHA compliance initiatives, cultural mindset improvement and cost control reductions.

The Survey was developed from 30 years experience working directly in the workers compensation, risk management and injury care and control industries. Survey credibility and validation testing was provided under the guidance of Dr. Palmer Morrell-Samuels, professor of Public Health at The University of Michigan and a renowned employee survey specialist.


2015 Results

2016 Results

2017 Results

Purple = Risk Mitigation
Red = Regulatory Compliance
Blue = Safety Culture
Orange = Financial Performance