On-Line Training and Risk Management Services

On-Line Training and Risk Management ServicesOn-line Training

The Three Sixty Safety Web Based Training Center is a unique, value-added platform which covers a broad spectrum of training topics. The training center includes over 200 unique courses and provides internal tracking of completed courses and certificates of successful course completion.

The training platform couples popular on-line OSHA, Human Resource, Environmental and Wellness courses with easy-to-use administrative features. The overall simplicity of the service’s design and trouble-free operation, means employers can:

  • Quickly deploy the service out-of-the-box with minimal staff training
  • Training employees within minutes, and
  • Enjoy a negligible support and administrative burden

This web-based training center provides the platform you need to streamline your safety training program which frees up your time and allows you to focus on growing your business.

On-line Risk Management Resource Center

The Three Sixty Safety Risk Management Resource Center is a value-added portal which provides all the risk management, safety, compliance and communications you need to support your safety efforts.

The vast majority of companies are looking for support when it comes to OSHA compliance, record keeping, tool box talk content, safety communications, risk management tools/solutions and accident reduction strategies.

This web-based portal provides the information required for you to make well informed decisions while saving you time and money.