Compliance Auditing Services

Compliance AuditingIn today’s business climate, it is critical that your organization performs thorough and complete compliance audits across all facilities. Whether it’s in your facility or on your construction site, Three Sixty Safety can assist and provide you with the expertise you need with our “Hands-On Safety” Auditing service or by training your employees to perform the audits. These services are available annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly or on-demand and include:

  • Mobile Inspection App – Inspections are provided by a TSS expert or by your employees trained by our expert on our mobile app. The audit process provides immediate exposure analysis that includes photographs, cites the violation/problem, cross-references the OSHA standard and provides the mitigation steps required. Once these items are identified, they are tracked until the appropriate countermeasure is closed out and reported to management.
  • Tool Box Talks – Once compliance audits are complete, it is critical that the findings be reviewed with employees to help them understand the risks they are exposed to. Once they are identified and discussed, it is of equal importance that employees be advised when the risks are mitigated and closed out.