Worker Dies In Sterling Heights Trench Collapse

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What was the cause of this accident?
-Trench collapsed and trapped a construction worker. The worker was working alone and the trench did not seem to be shored properly.

How could we have prevented this accident?
-Trenching and Excavation Safety Training could have helped prevent this accident. The individual was also alone, which prevented follow workers from immediately knowing when he was trapped.

What questions OSHA will ask?
-Can we take a look at your current trenching and excavating policy and procedure?
-Was the worker properly trained for trenching and excavating?
-Can we see the accident investigation report?
-What was the root cause of this accident?
-What are your corrective measures?
-How are you relaying this information to your employees?

Will my organization be fined?
-OSHA will have to do an investigation of the accident. Fines for the fatality are guaranteed. If there is no evidence of improved safety or if other policies and procedures are not in place, more fines will be assessed.

How can Three Sixty Safety help?
-Three Sixty Safety offers OSHA certified Trenching and Excavating Safety Training. We also provide onsite construction safety that addresses the safety concerns of your current job site.

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