U.S. Department of Labor Cites Ohio Manufacturer For Lacking Safety Procedures After Employee Suffers Amputation


“In an effort to keep safety at the forefront of your mind, Three Sixty Safety is working to provide examples of real events every Tuesday and how they are impacting manufacturers.”

What was the cause of this accident?

-The employee suffered a partial amputation of his thumb while clearing a jam on a bag sealing machine.

How could we have prevented this accident?

– In this case, proper machine guarding could have helped prevent this accident.  Job Safety Analysis from an Occupational Health and Safety Management System could have identified this hazard prior to the accident?

What is the total amount of fine this organization is facing?

-$155,208, this number is higher because this was a repeated violation. 

If this was the first time this occurred, the total may have been significantly lower.

What questions will OSHA ask?
-Can we take a look at your current machine guarding policy and procedure?
-Do you have a health and safety management system?
-Do you perform Near Miss reports?
-Do you perform Accident Investigation reports?
-Do you have a safety committee?
-Have you done any Hazard Recognition?
-Do you perform Job Safety Analysis (JSA)?
-Do you perform Personal Protective Equipment Assessments?

How can Three Sixty Safety help?

-Three Sixty Safety has implemented a full Occupational Health and Safety Management System in facilities throughout the US.   Our systems main priority is to help identify hazards in your facility and remediate them before injuries occur.  We have seen countless injuries and by working with all aspects of your organization (Managers to Administrative to Floor Employees) we can quickly make sure that everyone in the facility is aware of what happened and to be cautious around the area where an injury occurred.

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