Risky Tuesday:

U.S. Department of Labor and Ohio Auto Parts Manufacturer Reach Settlement Agreement, Including $1 Million Penalty


“In an effort to keep safety at the forefront of people’s mind, Three Sixty Safety is working to provide examples of real events and how they are impacting manufacturers.”

What was the cause of these fines?

-Two severe injuries when employees came in contact with moving machine parts.  An OSHA inspection also found the organization “lacked inadequate power press guarding and hazardous energy procedures.”

How could we have avoided a fine like this?

-The reason for the OSHA inspection was a result of two injuries involving machine moving parts.  If there was a Job Safety Analysis on those specific machines, a 3rd party could have identified the need to add proper machine guarding.  Every year an organization should also have a 3rd party take a look at their current policies and procedures to confirm they are up to date.  The value of a 3rd party is their unbiased opinion that might take certain aspects more seriously than someone internally.  Manufacturing jobs cause the highest risks to their employees; therefore, the policies and procedures should not go an extended period of time without being reviewed.

How large of a fine is this organization facing.

-In this scenario, the organization has agreed to a $1,000,000 settlement.  The hiring of a Health and Safety Coordinator was also required.

How can Three Sixty Safety help?

-The Three Sixty Safety Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) has proven results in improving the safety culture of your organization, which in turn increase financial performance.  We want to be seen as an extension of your organization and not safety police.  If brought on for Safety aid, we will take a look at every aspect under the compliance umbrella to make sure if OSHA shows up, you are ready for the inspection.

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