“In an effort to keep safety in the forefront of people’s mind, Three Sixty Safety is working to provide examples of real events every Tuesday and how they are impacting manufacturers.”

What caused this accident?
-The likely cause of this accident would be lack of hazard recognition and poor machine guarding

How could we have prevented this accident?
-A strong health and safety management system would have performed hazard assessments and the correct guarding would have been in place

What questions will OSHA ask?
-Can we take a look at your current machine guarding policy and procedure?
-Do you have a health and safety management system?
-Do you preform Near Miss reports?
-Do you perform Accident Investigation reports?
-Do you have a safety committee?
-Have you done any Hazard Recognition?
-Job Safety Analysis
-Personal Protective Equipment Assessments

Will my organization be fined?
-OSHA will have to do an investigation of the plant. Fines for the fatality are guaranteed. If other policies or procedures are not in place, more fines will be assessed.

How can Three Sixty Safety help?
– We offer a full occupational health and safety management system
This implements hazard recognition, near-miss reporting and accident investigation reporting.

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