DOL Increases Maximum Penalty Amounts for OSHA Violations

“In an effort to keep safety in the forefront of people’s mind, Three Sixty Safety is working to provide examples of real events every Tuesday and how they are impacting manufacturers.”

What is the new maximum penalty for “serious” and “other-than-serious” violations?


What is the maximum penalty for “failure-to-abate” violations?

-$12,934 per day

What is the maximum penalty for “willful” and “repeat” violations?


Why is this important to my organization?

-Many companies do not feel they need a safety program if they are not seeing a high amount of injuries in the workplace.  Unfortunately, it only has to happen once for it to make an impact on your organization.  All injuries must be reported to OSHA and if the injury is significant enough, they are likely going to make a visit to your facility.  During their visit, if there is no program in place, the violations may quickly add up and cost significant dollars to your organization.  The ROI you see on your safety program is well worth the investment to avoid 5 and 6 figure fines down the road.  Not to mention the additional costs to fix the issues you were fined for.

What is the value of a safety program?

-In many cases, manufacturers hire an individual in a safety role and they tend to be threatened by a safety program taking their place.  The program is not designed to displace them, but instead enable and reinforce their safety initiatives.  By working side by side, they can communicate what problems they are seeing most frequently in the facility and can work together to help mitigate those risks.  Having a safety advisor who is in multiple facilities gives a valuable input because of their unbiased opinion. They have also see the many different exposures in multiple facilities and can use previous examples to help the next organization.

How can Three Sixty Safety help?

-Three Sixty Safety offers an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in facilities throughout the US.   We have seen countless injuries and work with our clients to implement the proper processes to avoid them. 

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