Is Your School Ready for Students?

We can help, start to finish.

We are able to assist with writing your Return to School Readiness Plans – and then implement the necessary changes with hands-on help from our team of professionals.

Making changes to routines, layouts, and capacities are seemingly monumental tasks.  Our team can break down each angle and thoroughly prepare your school or facility for students to return, in whatever capacity is mandated.

Our Opening Protocols are based on CDC and State Guidelines, to ensure compliance and keep students and staff healthy and safe.

The Three Sixty Safety team can write policy, set up training and work on-site with administrators and staff to foster confidence and security with these new changes.  The following are examples of areas we can assist with:

    • Pandemic Response Team – Oversight Committee – Establish Team Members and Identify and Train them on their Roles and Responsibilities
    • Pandemic Response Team – Site Specific Teams – Establish Team Members and Identify and Train them on their Roles and Responsibilities
    • Classroom Design and Set-up Floor Plans to Determine Room Capacity
    • Screening Procedures and Set-up Design by Site
    • Determine Isolation Protocols and Coordinate Training
    • Establish Social Distancing Protocols Throughout Sites
    • Determine Proper Signage and Floor Markings Placement Throughout Sites
    • Establish Personal Protective Equipment Standards and Requirements (Masks/Face Shields/Tyvek Suits/Gloves) for all Sites
    • Establish Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Measures and Schedules for all Sites
    • Establish Preventative Material Inventory Stocking and Ordering Requirements for all Sites
    • Establish Transportation and Busing Protocols for all Sites
    • Establish On-Site Health Screening and Procedures for Third Parties
    • Establish Daily Self-Screening Protocols at Home for Students and Staff
    • Establish Self-Quarantining and Return to School Protocols
    • Establish Visitor and Contractor Screening Protocols for all Sites
    • Work with Union on Labor Relations Alignment
Desks in empty classroom with social distancing guidelines

We are your safety partners for Return To School Readiness Plans

Social Distancing Floor Decal

5-Phase COVID-19 Return to School Program

In addition to writing plans for specific individual needs, we have created an entire plan that covers the entire process, start to finish.

We can also provide:

  • Facility assessments for schools, rec centers, administration buildings, grounds buildings, etc. 
  • Athletic facility assessments
  • On-going maintenance and monthly site audit protocols
  • Physical barrier placement and acquisition
  • Air movement assessments

Contact us today to start working on your 2020 – 2021 Return to School Plan!


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