Many companies have gotten away from safety program basics which has resulted in injury and DART rates rising during this pandemic.  To get your company back on track follow these simple principles to get the ball rolling again:

  • Safety Program Action Items Include:
    • Re-establish your safety team and get a safety committee meeting scheduled. Put it on the calendar for the same week and day of each month moving forward.  E., the third Thursday of every month.
    • Get back to monthly safety training covering at least the OSHA required courses for your industry. Have the team pick the topics during your safety committee meeting
    • Perform hazard audits, segregating the different sectors of your facility or job site. Review the results during your safety committee meeting
    • Perform personal protective equipment audits (PPE) to make sure your employees are wearing the required PPE which now includes face masks. Review these results as well during your safety committee meeting
    • Structure daily safety talks to make sure safety becomes part of a daily discussion and focus. Pick the subject matter based on the safety training curriculum you establish

If you start with these basic action items you can re-energize your safety efforts and return to incident free operations.  If you are not sure where to get started and you need help, call Three Sixty Safety at 586-778-9900 to learn more about how we can help bring you re-energize your safety program and bring your business back into OSHA compliance.