A “policy” is “a plan of action; a course or method of action that has been deliberately chosen and that guides or influences future decisions.”

By stating principles and rules, an occupational health and safety policy guides actions. A policy statement indicates the degree of an employer’s commitment to health and safety. The statement of the employers’ obligation should be more than an outline of legal duties.

Methods of establishing accountability should be designed to monitor the quality and adequacy of workplace procedures, including:

inclusion of accountability in the statement of policy,

procedures for ensuring that safety and health performance is considered as part of performance appraisals and salary reviews,

inclusion of safety and health responsibilities and performance objectives in job descriptions

regular safety and health program reviews, and

regular reporting requirements built into program elements.

Part of a successful policy is ensuring that all employees are aware of it. If the workplace’s plan for implementing the policy is a good one, employees will be reminded in their day-to-day activities, in safety meetings, and during orientation and training.

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