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OSHA fines Holland firm over $100,000

13 safety violations found at bearings maker

A company that makes bronze bearings and other metal products has been fined over $108,000 initially by federal inspectors after multiple safety violations were found at a company plant in Fulton County.

Bunting Bearings LLC of Holland received fines totaling $108,095 from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after inspections on Nov. 17, Dec. 8, and again on April 20 found 13 “serious” class violations at Bunting Bearings’ manufacturing operations in Delta, Ohio.

After a company has been fined, it can pay the fines, contest them, or schedule a meeting with OSHA to request that the fines be reduced.

In May, Bunting Bearings requested that the fines be reduced, and OSHA proposed to reduce them to about $53,000. However, the case remains open.

The violations found during the inspections related to proper functioning of controls on a melting furnace; damaged gas-line couplings; the presence of hazards on walkways used by employees; continued use of industrial trucks and forklift that were in need of repair and should have been removed from service; no safety guards on machines at points where workers could come into contact with them, and energized electrical wiring without guards at points where workers could come into contact with them.

Also cited were failure to have guardrails or systems to prevent falling hazards on certain walkways; failure to ensure employees using respirators were clean-shaven to create tight-fitting facepieces; failure to evaluate the worksite to determine if any confined spaces required permits before use by workers; failure to develop and implement procedures for workers sent into permit-required spaces; failure to teach employees about power lockout-tagout procedures for certain machinery, and allowing workers to access a casting machine whose power was not locked out.

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