Following the walk-through, the OSHA compliance officer will conduct a closing conference with key company representatives. The officer should share information about violations they found and observed unsafe situations.

The employee interviews are private and in many cases the OSHA compliance officer does not share the results of the conversations. In our case, the feedback was very positive and the officer felt the need to share them with us. These comments identify, what you can expect an OSHA compliance officer to ask your employees. The questions and responses follow:

  • Does management respond promptly to any and all safety concerns you have?
    — Yes, management responds promptly to any safety concerns we have
  • Do you feel management is committed to your well being and safety?
    — Yes, management is committed to my well being and safety
  • Do you feel like management includes you as part of the safety process?
    — Yes, we feel like we are part of the company safety process
  • Do you feel like you have a voice in your safety and the safety of your co-workers?
    — Yes, we feel like we have a voice in our safety and the safety of our co-workers
  • Are safety issues addressed in a timely manner?
    — Yes, safety issues are addressed in a timely manner

Note: Given the interviews are private, the questions are strictly an interpretation based on the employee responses provided.

In our case, the responses were very favorable but, I would imagine had the responses been different the outcome of the OSHA compliance inspection may have been different. Communicating with your employees and making them part of the safety process increases your chance of being OSHA compliant, improves employee morale and results in a healthier more productive workplace.

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To find out specifically what the compliance officer findings were during the closing conference, read blog (7) in our series regarding the closing conference.