Factory, Warehouse and industrial workers are just as susceptible to the ravages of high temperatures as outdoor laborers.

For example, workers in a confined space, especially next to heat generating equipment can become exhausted and overheated. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) can enhance this effect, trapping heat next to the body.

When working outdoors in full sunlight, the heat index can increase by 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Basic health and safety measures need to be in place around 90 degrees. OSHA recommends frequent water breaks (every 15 minutes) for both indoor and outdoor workers while in hot conditions. If possible, periodic rest in an air conditioned setting would be beneficial to cool down body temperature.

According to Assistant Secretary of Labor, Dr. David Michaels, thousands of people became sick and at least 30 deaths were reported in 2014 due to heat exposure.

As for production, studies show that production decreases by 1 percent for every 2 degrees the temperature rises over 77 degrees. When the temperature reaches 92 degrees, production decreases by nearly 17 percent.

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