Spill Containment Training

Spill Containment TrainingOSHA Training Requirements

Each hazardous waste site clean-up effort will require a site specific occupational safety and health program headed by the site coordinator or the employer’s representative. The purpose of the program will be the protection of employees at the site and will be an extension of the employer’s overall safety and health program work. The program will need to be developed before work begins on the site and implemented as work proceeds.

Training programs for employees subject to the requirements of Tier 1 and Tier 2 standards should address:

  • The safety and health hazards employees should expect to find on hazardous waste clean-up sites
  • What control measures or techniques are effective for those hazards
  • What monitoring procedures are effective in characterizing exposure levels
  • What makes an effective employer’s safety and health program
  • What a site safety and health plan should include
  • Hands on training with personal protective equipment and clothing they may be expected to use
  • The contents of the OSHA standard relevant to the employee’s duties and function
  • Employee’s responsibilities under OSHA and other regulations

Supervisors will need training in their responsibilities under the safety and health program and its subject areas such as the spill containment program, the personal protective equipment program, the medical surveillance program, the emergency response plan and other areas.

Training requirements for hazardous waste operations are broken down into two tiers.

40 Hour Tier 1 Training
Tier 1 involves employees and management who move or excavate hazardous waste on site. Before they are allowed to work on site, all employees and management must receive a minimum of 40 hours training at a remote location. After completing the full 40 hours, these workers must train for an additional 24 hours on location with a trained worker. Supervisors and management are required to train for an additional 8 hours of “specialized training.”

32 Hour Tier 2 Training
Tier 2 involves companies that are only on site on occasion to perform a specific job or task. The training requirements for second-tier companies and their respective employees are less stringent. Workers must receive just 24 hours of off-site training followed by 8 hours of on-site training.