Reasons you may be at “High Risk” to be inspected by OSHA.
Are you prepared?


  1. Imminent Danger
    If OSHA deems a life or lives are in jeopardy at your place of work.
    This is a complaint, observation or allegation that a basis exists for reasonable expectation of death or serious physical harm and immediacy of danger.
  2. Fatality/Catastrophe
    Either a workplace catastrophe or fatality dictate a high priority for inspection.
  3. Are you at High Risk for an OSHA inspection?

  4. Complaint or Referral
    This is a complaint that has come from an employee or third party regarding safety procedures not being properly followed in your workplace. This takes third level priority if it does not qualify as imminent danger or the threat of loss of life.
  5. Planned Inspections
    OSHA targets specific categories annually. These targets may change based on various factors showing a trend toward higher injury incidence. This could be based on High Risk Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC), Ratings Specific or based on a change in Workers Comp Rates.
  6. Local, State or National OSHA Emphasis
    Certain regions are likely to be targeted if OSHA sees an increase in incident rates. Geographic targeting usually occurs based on a track record of higher than median incident occurrence.
  7. Your Workplace is a Repeat Offender
    When there is evidence of chronic safety non-compliance; a facility is likely to see regular inspections.
Willful or repeat offenders face larger fines per violation (up to $124,709) effective August 1, 2016.

It is a crime for OSHA employees to give unauthorized advance notice of an inspection. The only reasons you may be notified by OSHA prior to an inspection are:

  1. In cases of apparent imminent danger, to get management to fix the condition immediately.
  2. When the inspection must be conducted after regular business hours or when special preparations are necessary.
  3. If management and worker representatives are not likely to be on-site unless they have advance notice.
  4. In other circumstances where the OSHA Area Director thinks a more complete inspection is likely to result, such as in a fatality investigation.

Most companies have no idea if they can or would pass an OSHA inspection. If you are one of those companies, contact Three Sixty Safety for your Mock OSHA Audit or Occupational Health and Safety Management System Organizational Audit.