Forklift Operator Training

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Why is Fork Truck Training for Lift Truck Operators so Important?

Prior to operating a fork truck in the workplace, the employer must evaluate the operator’s performance and determine if the operator is competent to operate a powered industrial safely. In addition, refresher training is required whenever an operator demonstrates a deficiency in the safe operation of a fork truck.

Three Sixty Safety provides forklift training that is effective and OSHA-compliant. Trainers employ training and coaching methods in a non-lecture format to develop safer fork truck operator’s. We typically perform this training on-site at your work location. Highlights of the program are as follows:

Training for Forklift Operators

  • Goal of the program: to provide a training program based on the trainee’s prior knowledge, the types of vehicles used in the workplace, and the hazards of the workplace.
  • Course will utilize video, group discussion, and hands-on practice. Each operator must obtain the knowledge and skills needed to do their job correctly and safely.

Types, Features, and Physics

  • Familiarize each operator with the basic types and functions of your powered industrial trucks.
  • Understand the critical truck measurements that affect safety
  • Understand the forces that cause tip over’s, and the truck design considerations and safety ratings that help prevent them, including the “stability triangle.”

Inspecting the Vehicle

  • Understand the purpose and importance of pre-operational checkouts

Driving the Truck

  • Understand the elements of safe movement of a powered industrial truck

Load Handling

  • Understand the elements of load lifting safety
  • Understand the safe operating procedures for raising and lowering loads in aisles

LPG for Lift Trucks

  • Understand the elements and procedures of safely refueling internal combustion vehicles

Battery and Charging

  • Understand the elements and procedures of safely changing and charging batteries

Safety Concerns

  • Review/reinforce potential of serious injury
  • Review/reinforce safety procedures in your facility

Specific Truck and Workplace Training/Hands-On

  • Review features of specific forklifts to be operated
  • Review operating procedures of specific forklifts to be operated
  • Review safety concerns of specific forklifts to be operated
  • Review workplace conditions and safety concerns of areas where forklifts will be operated
  • Learn/practice actual operation of specific forklifts to be operated and specific workplace conditions where forklifts will be operated. Demonstrate proficiency performing the powered industrial truck operator duties specific to the trainee’s position and workplace conditions

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