MIOSHA – Lessons from Recent State of Michigan Worker Deaths:

Report Details

Occupation: Machine Mold Change Trimmer
Type of Injury: Struck by/Crushed

Description: During a mold change, the top portion of a 2-piece mold broke off a machine and fell to the floor crushing a 42-year-old trimmer. 


Solution to Avoid this Catastrophe: One way to prevent workplace injuries is to establish proper job procedures and train all employees in safer and more efficient work methods.  Establishing proper job procedures is one of the benefits of conducting a job safety analysis (JSA) by carefully studying and recording each step of a job, identifying existing or potential job hazards (both safety and health), and determining the best way to perform the job or to reduce or eliminate these hazards.

 If you need assistance performing JSA’s in your workplace we have the knowledge, forms and formats to train your staff.  Contact one of our safety specialists to schedule your training now!!!

 Don’t ever forget, your family is counting on you to come home from work safe every day.