Occupation: Machine Operator

Type of Injury: Electrocution

Description: A 44-year-old machine adjuster was adding inks to a printing machine. He was found unresponsive and slumped over on top of an electrical and pneumatic pump area of the printing machine. He had apparent electrical burns on his left and right arms, chest and abdomen.

Electrical Safety Tips for Safe Machine Operation: Safety inspections for production machinery should be completed each day before each shift. These include but are not limited to confirming all guarding and emergency stops are in place and properly working, machines are anchored to the ground to prevent shifting, all electrical wiring is visually inspected for any exposed wires, all electrical connections are tight and the floor is dry and free of any hazards.

The challenge on any factory floor or job-site is getting in the habit of checking your equipment every time you use it. While these tips may seem like common sense, don’t discount them, they may just save your life!!!

Don’t ever forget, your family is counting on you to come home from work safe every day