One issue women in manufacturing or production jobs face is ill-fitting personal protection equipment (PPE). Gloves, glasses and hats can be too large for a smaller framed person. To reduce the risk of injury, employers should provide appropriate sized PPE for women.

Although there has been a tremendous change in women’s ability and desire to work in the manufacturing sector, they remain the primary caregiver of children, and (increasingly) elderly parents. Women tend to go to work when they are ill in order to preserve their sick days to care for others. Anytime an employee attends work while ill, the chance of lower production and spreading illness increases.

Finally, for women, the male dominated culture of manufacturing can be intimidating. Manufacturing is still considered a non-traditional career for women. They may have a difficult time feeling a sense of community at the workplace.

Education may be the key to changing the perception of manufacturing jobs. Opportunities should be made positive options to both men and women from an early age.

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