1. What is an incident?__________________________________________________________

2. Power tools must be fitted with guards and safety switches. True or False

3. Employees’ attitudes may affect safety. True or False

4. Fall protection is required any time you use a ladder over 6 feet. True or False

5. Employees must take personal responsibility for their safety, their co-workers and others on a jobsite. True or False

6. MSDS’s are required for most chemicals used at a worksite and should be kept locked up in the supervisor’s office for Safety. True or False

7. Guard rails should be installed along all open sides and ends of platforms. True or False

8. When setting up goals for safety on a worksite the acceptable number of incidents should be set at___________. (give a number)

9. If a fatality happens on a jobsite due to negligence, unsafe conditions, etc. Who is usually responsible and held accountable? Owner of company, Supervisor, Co-worker. Circle one

10. Safety rules and guidelines must always be written. True or False

11. It is OSHA’s responsibility to establish and implement a written hazard communication program. True or False

12. Approximately 32 million workers work with or are potentially exposed to chemical hazards. True or False

13. MSDS’s are printed on a mandatory standard OSHA form.

14. PPE is usually an optional step for employees in dealing with hazardous chemicals. True or False

15. HazCom is commonly referred to as Right to know True or False

16. What is a Near Miss?_____________________________Do these need to be reported and investigated? True or False

17. Employers are responsible to pay for all PPE for their employees. True or False

18. Safety Inspections should be conducted on all sites at least yearly. True or False

19. OSHA mandates First aid and CPR training for workers on sites. True or False

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