PPE can increase the burden of heat load on the body by trapping the heat and not allowing the body to cool. It is important for employees wearing PPE, which may cover the upper or lower body or face, not to work alone in warm or hot conditions and during high heat or a heat wave. When employees wear this type of PPE in these conditions it may require you to take additional steps to prevent heat illness including (but not limited to):

Monitoring employees more frequently

Having employees watch one another more closely

Having employee take more frequent breaks to remove their PPE to cool down

Ensuring employees drink more water

Providing effective cooling measures

Adjusting work schedules and activities

Seeking additional help from qualified professionals

Employees may be tempted to remove PPE due to conditions which may become uncomfortable due to excessive heat (road and construction crews, plant workers, etc…). Removing PPE only increases risk of injury, illness or fatality. Employers need to encourage and require frequent water and cooling breaks.

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