Human resource professionals have a vital role in ensuring employee health and safety. Typically, HR departments do not solely facilitate all components of employee wellbeing. As such, managers should utilize all resources possible to create and maintain health and safety standards for an organization.

To further encourage and sustain employee health and safety in the workplace, consider implementing these four practices.

Establish Open Communication

A key component of maintaining employee trust is encouraging open communication on health and safety issues observed. No employee should fear expressing concern or bringing light to an issue they believe interferes with the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) goals of the company.

Implement Strict Safety Policies

Ideally, a workplace is completely hazard-free. However, some trades, such as ground construction and mechanical engineering, inherently involve precarious work and unstable environments. Spread awareness by labeling unsafe environments, posting general warning signs and referencing the qualifications needed to enter various regions of a worksite.

Coordinate with Facility Management

Similarly to HR, facilities departments play an important part in carrying out safety policies. By harmonizing OSHA goals, HR and facilities managers can better protect employees. HR specialists are aware of the work environment and the unique risks that employees encounter under specific circumstances. Encourage facility managers to invest in products designed to prevent accidents.

Provide Health and Safety Training

Implement required safety training programs for all employees. Encourage employees to be responsible and take sick time when necessary without reprimand.

Commit to improving workplace health and safety standards.

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