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When it comes to effectively communicating company information to employees, managers or supervisors can be the catalyst behind supporting a new safety initiative.

Often, companies will create a new safety campaign, but fail to get input and feedback from supervisors or managers before launching.  The result is that supervisors get their noses out of joint and refuse to support the initiative.

1. Engagement – this is when you have employees emotionally invested in a new goal or procedure and will do whatever it takes to achieve it.  Companies with great communication are more than 4.5 times likely to report high employee engagement than other organizations.  When it comes to improving safety, engagement is key.  A study found that engaged employees are 5 times less likely to have safety incident versus disengaged employees and 7 times less likely to have a lost time injury. When a disengaged employee gets hurt, they on average, cost the employer significantly more per injury. It’s important that supervisors and managers have engaging communication to promote and have the skills to paint a picture of what the goals are trying to achieve.

2. Communicating the vision – Where a lot of communication initiatives fail to change behaviors is that they do a poor job at clearly communicating the vision and goals.  The Towers Watson Study found that companies that are highly effective with their communication do a better job of creating “line of sight” for employees.  This means that they understand their big picture and can see how their actions can help the organization attain its goals.  Few leaders are very good at translating goals into tangible information that people feel passionate about.  That’s why safety professionals and managers needs to be taught this ability

3. Change Behaviors – Providing people with information is not enough.  What you want is action.  All communication is about cause and effect.  Many companies end up forgetting what it is they want their staff to do and create communication that is not clear on what behavior is required and when. 

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