1. cabrerra

Sports teams rarely focus on how to prevent weaker players from performing badly, but rather, how to help their best players excel. The whole team benefits from a victory. The same approach should be utilized in business.

Often, the employee who makes a mistake or has an injury is the one who receives the attention. Management by exception.  Safety metrics generally are measured by the frequency, severity  and costs of safety failure, workers’ compensation offsets, etc. The goals set for improvement become how to fail less rather than how to succeed. Success, too often becomes defined as the reduction of failure.

Three Sixty Safety can help you take a proactive approach to safety and management. The goal of the game plan is to win. Teamwork and cooperation lead to positive attitudes and a positive work culture.  The best batters hit at the start of the line-up. The best violinist sits in the first chair. Acknowledging positive behavior – safe behavior will make your organization stronger.

Our Goal Everyone Goes Home Safe…Every Day!