safety starts with youThree Sixty Safety believes in a “ground up” approach to safety. The men and women running the machines and the plant floors will recognize hazards before a CEO or Human Resource director will.

We recently performed three national safety audits for public manufacturing plants. Our CEO, Jeff Mattes, thought that sharing a sample of employees’ comments could ignite some curiosity in the employer or manager.

The following are a handful of comments provided by employees in response to how safety is handled at their workplace:

Production is more important than safety

Nothing gets fixed until someone gets hurt

Not even aware that a safety committee exists

Lack of qualified maintenance personnel

Little or no team member involvement in safety program

Three Sixty Safety can help provide leadership training as well as facility audits and complete safety systems including helping to administer your safety committees. Employees and their families need to be heard and need to be safe.

Our goal: Everyone goes home safe…every day!