Facility Audit

Three Sixty Safety offers a complete system for managing the cost and on-site execution of our customer’s safety program. We have a “ground-up” approach, believing that when all employees are involved in the process there will be improvements not only in risk and cost reduction, but a positive cultural change as well. Our safety advisors work together with the onsite team members to form safety committees, evaluate and correct potential hazards and provide the means to immediately handle on-site injuries. The result is an empowered workforce, reduced lost time injuries and lower workers compensation costs.

We know our system works best when process and outcome structures are implemented across your organization. The track record of our results speaks for themselves and has been validated time and again. However, sometimes due to budget constraints our complete program may not be an option. We know safety is an important issue for you and we can help by working within your budget.

As an alternative for those companies that want to administer their own safety program but, don’t know where to start, Three Sixty Safety also offers organizational assessments/audits. We will come to your plant(s) or workplace, meet with you and conduct a complete audit of the facility. We will observe the workspaces, potential risks and methods currently in place. We will also work with you to make sure that you have all of the documentation necessary to be in OSHA compliance. Once the audit has been completed, we will assess the data and provide you with a thorough report of our findings. Contact your Three Sixty Safety team to learn more.

Our goal: Everyone goes home safe…Every day!