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Avoid Winter Slip-ups

Winter months present additional hazards that are typically not factors for employees during warmer weather – specifically, slip and fall concerns. With snow and ice-covered conditions, you run the risk of taking major falls, which can lead to serious injuries....

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OSHA Compliance – Planning to Avoid Risks

You can guard against accidents and OSHA citations by creating a self-inspection procedure. Here's how: Educate your staff. Your people should have a working knowledge of OSHA standards and regulations within your field. Appoint a company "inspector" who will...

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Boaters & Record-High Water Levels Creating Safety Issues

Recent weather conditions have led to record-high water levels on lakes, rivers, and streams, creating heightened safety hazards and potential property damage along shorelines. As water levels continue to increase, it’s important to keep water safety in mind. Speed...

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Preventing Electrical Shock Dangers

How much thought do you give each day to the dangers that electricity can pose? Since your work tasks can involve handling electrical wiring and electronic tools, it is necessary to take time to consider the possible hazards associated with electricity and how best to...

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