Do you have a safety committee in your manufacturing facility that is having trouble identifying basic electrical hazards?  We have compiled a visual guide to help them recognize these safety concerns.


Check to make sure all plugs and outlets are grounded.


Look for Exposed or Frayed Wiring.

Do knockout areas or unused openings have plugs or covers?


Are switch plates gone, cracked or are there openings? are the outlets painted over?



Extension Cords/Electrical Cords/Wiring

Are the wires damaged or spliced? is there tape anywhere on the extension cord masking damage?


Are there too many items plugged into an outlet?

Are electrical cords stored properly? Are they too close to liquids? Do they have GFCI, if in wet location?


Are electrical wires in conduit? Not zip tied to metal structures or shelving, etc…



Electrical Panels

Do all electrical boxes have their panel doors attached? Are panel doors closed? Are breakers and switches labeled? Do areas near electrical panels or control centers have a three foot clearance from clutter? Is the area taped off?


Are circuit breakers properly plugged? Fuses replaced or blank put in the empty spot?


Created by Three Sixty Safety, LLC

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